25 random things.

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(You're supposed to write 25 random things about yourself, to give people an idea about you. One of those silly facebook things)

1) I usually have crushes on men aged 40 and over. (Johnny Depp, Keanu Reeves, James Hetfield for examples). I just really like older men...don't ask why, lol.

2) My first crush as a child was for David Bowie as the goblin king in 'The Labyrinth'

3) As a child, after seeing the Addams Family film (Christina Ricci, Raul Julia, Angelica Huston) I tried to sleep with my arms crossed over my chest like Wednesday Addams every night.

4) My favourite colours are Black, Purple, and red.

5) I have Hypothyroidism and Chronic Fatigue, which is strange for my age group, but not entirely uncommon. I have to take two pills every day for the rest of my life, just to stop myself from falling asleep constantly each day. It's ****.

6) I need to be an Author, and I write all the time. I say 'need', because I want this more than anybody and always have done.

7) I'm a bookworm

8) I draw for fun, but am often told that I should make it into a career. However, I think hobbies should stay hobbies.

9)My natural hair colour is brown/ginger, but I've been dying it since I was about 11.

10) I didn't listen to music (except on the radio, and my dads music) until I was a teenager, when I discovered heavy metal and Rock.

11) I'm frugal with money, but sometimes tight to the point of selfishness, and inability to let go and have fun. Lol.

12) I only drink Cider, I hate most alcoholic drinks.

13) I've never been drunk before, and probably never will be. I can't stand the thought of losing control of myself.

14) Past mistakes are blocked out of my mind, and it infuriates me when people try and remind me of them.

15) I've gone mad over Jealousy many times.

16) I've never truly believed in myself, or believed that anyone else has either.

17) I'm awful at Maths and science, but great at English - my talents are few, but distinguishable.

18) I'm only ever peaceful when I'm sleeping - If i'm stressed, upset, depressed - I will sleep until it goes away. That's probably why I've never had an attendance rate over 80% at school.

19) I'm a pessimist, but I'm good at being optimistic for other people.

20) I'm very cynical, but I try not to be. If I see flowers, I look for a coffin.

21) Tim Burton is my favourite director, because all the films I loved as a child were directed by him, and I wasn't even aware of it. I've loved everything he's ever made since.

22) My favourite director, actress, and actor were all together in 'Sweeney Todd' and it was wonderful.

23) I'm scared about Uni, but am desperate to do well, because I'm scared for the future.

24) There isn't a single thing I like about myself, but atleast I know who I am now. There was a time when I was very confused about my identity.

25) My dog pebbles means the world to me.
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