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2k words and it feels like nothing is really happening.

Published by Unit7 in the blog Unit7's blog. Views: 83

last week I started diging through duotropes and found an anthology to submit to. The deadline is the 30th. I knew I had very little time to try and perfect it. But I think I am more or less using this as a way to break the ice between me and submitting stuff. If it didn't have a deadline... the story would just sit.

But as I write I am nearing 2k words. The word count is supposed to be between 3.5k-6k(with shorter/longer pieces of work considered if only really good)

But I have reached 2k words and I just don't think I have really added anything to it at all. I guess I am just afraid that it might appear to slow paced and I haven't managed to grab the readers attention long enough to get anywhere.

Its also that I didn't add any fluff to it. In fact looking over my descriptions and such it feels like a bare skeleton. As if I should add more to it. Yes I know, adding stuff that is not needed is not a good idea. But I think that I could add more stuff that could be needed. You know?

I have made a grave mistake in trying to beat the deadline. There is no way I could ever polish it off before the 30th. While I know I could walk away at any point and can search elsewhere to submit it. I feel that I must submit it to this one. Not that I think I can make it, but rather I am just stubborn like that. Normally I don't care about too much but for whatever reason there might be sometimes I feel as if I don't go through with it. I will always regret it.

Oh well I just wanted to rant. Hopefully I am just being to overly critical of my work.

On the brightside I can't get better if I don't try. Worst that could happen is I get rejected which at the moment I am almost looking forward to more then being accepted. I feel its one of those mile stones and a nice 'Welcome to the Club.'

Oh well. I am done and I should continue writing.
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