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3 poems - ghastly, girl landing and tender abuse

Published by peachalulu in the blog peachalulu's blog. Views: 202


sulphur laden clouds
dead trees
black limbs filtering
burned bulb of sun
sick pools
floating apocalyptic babies
who grin, stare-stuck into forever
amputated from yester-era

A foreign body is lovely you think
finger-climbing up twin hills
plunder valley cleft
tangle in thicket
entwine and orbit
cosmic fall in reflecting -self -reflecting
mark your claim
watch it shift from under your grasp
no path
for your trumpeting footprint

tender abuse this tongue of flame
saying, speaking, ordering
do something about yourself
after the words brand a seal
enclosing a scored heart
he becomes chill as wax
smoking silence
has frozen him grotesque
as a half melted saint
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