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36 more days...

Published by Baywriter in the blog Baywriter's blog. Views: 92

Until my best friend gets here! Ah, I'm soooo excited! I didn't get to see her last year because I was pregnant and she couldn't afford to travel. But now I'm trying to make a list of all the things we're going to do while she's here. But if nothing else, I'm going to get a BREAK. Taking off a few days from school and my son is going to be staying with his dad and grandparents for part of the time. I love my baby, but I'm in desperate need of some ME time.

1. Water Park (haven't decided yet)
2. Theme Park (probably Universal Studios/ IOA because we HAVE to go to Harry Potter world.)
4. Shopping
5. Write a song together
6. Go to a CLUB. I need to dance. Ha, ha.
7. Get our hair nice and blonde.
8. Manicures
9. And I'm getting a tattoo. My baby's handprints on my back. :)
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