4. Thanks, Love

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Today taught me a lot in the textbooks, but a LOT in life too;
a preaching on friends:

Some friendships, we need to hang onto forever, and now I'm here at age 19 realizing that I love a lot of people right now.

we need to live our lives with the intention to really know our beautiful or handsome friends until the day we die.

"Do you have your exit buddy?"
(Finding Nemo, 2002)

I might not've been in love yet, but so far the friendships I've got are all definite and undenyable forms of almighty, unconditional love, (outside of family of course.)

Today, I sorted out a weathered friendship that had been killing me for so long.

and the love is back.
i can FEEEL IT!!

that love that still came out alive through some rocks and maybe even knives, embarassing construction sites of yourself, a few logged-forests, bombs, resulting in some stomped-on version of you and your old pal,
it's real-live, unconditional love.
and you're so damn lucky to be in on it.

Thank you, today for creating another heart's lesson in me.

today is a goooood day; i have my friend back, i have been tested, i love my roomie.
i love this day.
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