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4 Things About Pink Slime

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4 Things To Note

1. All those companies that recalled the pink slime from their products...they ONLY did so because they were found out. Think about that. It's not like they didn't know what kind of meat they were buying; dirt cheap dog-food spin-off. They definitely knew they were screwing you over when they did it and they did not care. Between you and saving a buck, Buck won the bid.

2. How long were they doing this? Yes, the discovery of pink slime as a mainstream alert was fairly recent, but how long were they doing this to your food. How long were you eating bio-crap and- the scariest thing- you probably never knew the difference?

3. BELIEVE ME, this is not the last you've seen of "pink slime". Say that "pink slime" is the equivalent of Grade R beef (with A being the best). These companies simply drop the R beef and look for the Grade Q, something slightly healthier but just as abominable. Either that or they simply wait out to all the outrage is forgotten (and people ALWAYS forget), and then they will buy the meat from another company under another name and you will probably not know because "crap" is never listed among the ingredients included.

4. Pink Slime is certainly not the first, certainly not the last, and by no means a new concept in terms of food alteration and undermining. All types of foods from hot dogs to corn, from chicken to fish face this kind of corruption. It's been happening since the Vietnam War and though Monsato is a flagship name for that kind of corruption, they are definitely not the only ones doing it. This is not a conspiracy, technically, as much as it is a grand effort to save a buck by any means necessary. In this "Age of Information", you'll probably never know the things in your food or the real process of it's processing because the obvious misinformation and disinformation methods they use to slide around nutritional labeling laws and various other laws make only the most determined investigator successful.
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