48 Laws of Power

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Well, I'll just start of by saying that this book is going to sound like a training manual for the anti-Christ. Still, you'll have to admit that some of these things may sound very familiar- whether you have done them or whether they have been done to you. To me, though they sound dark, there's no real difference between it and Sun Tzu's The Art of War. This book made no claims of honor, morality, or virtue, but- like Sun Tzu- it's rather direct to it's aims. Those who want power want to control and effect their will. Those who wish to do that are likely to read this book (...guilty, I), as well as those who might want to be a little more aware of what may be done against them at work, or just your regular social life.

Truthfully, though, I much rather liked the historical stories it had of famous peoples and events that served as examples of those who followed and did not follow these rules. If you laid a trail of historic stories that led off the edge of a cliff, I would surely follow and this is what the book did for me.

I thought everything was well-articulated and I think that this is pretty much an authentic read. Should a person dutifully be wary and/or practice these things, they might go far. But at the same time, I believe this book is like a tool. Anyone can buy a tool, but if you buy a bunch of tools and have now idea how or no will to use it, you just look stupid and/or lame. Same for this. The things in this book take courage, audacity, effort, shrewdness...though the tools are before you, few would have the skill and character necessary to make use of it anyway. Veritably, those who do probably don't even need it.

I actually have another one to add. It is one the author of the book uses in the introduction to make his book seem vital (or maybe did this...I don't know for sure). It's a strategy common with many preachers. Bring them low, then raise them up. Basically, like a preacher or a securities salesman, they play on your insecurities. They tell you the gloom, doom, and malignancy of the world that is out to get you. They tell of the evil in the world and in you, and just when you feel overwhelmed by the thought of it, the solution is clear...Join the faith, buy this security system, or read this book...and you will be fine. Recognize that one...they will bring you low, make you feel insecure, insignificant, threatened, or diminished, then they will hit you with an escape, a salvation, a golden answer, a great opportunity. They begin negative, and end positive, and it seems to be in your favor, but in reality, it is in theirs. Even more basic, I would borrow someone elses very simple, but all-important advice...question everything.

But it was very interesting. The same way after learning of schizophrenia, Alzheimer's, bipolar disorder, and such you are able to identify the traits more readily when next you see them, this book allows you to see the intentional or unintentional maneuverings of people and events in certain situations near and abroad.

Please don't go crazy reading this book...and stop rubbing your hands together, laughing to yourself.

Other than that...interesting indeed.
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