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What I learned today:
I learned that whoever YOU are reading this, and wherever you are, you're a great. You are one of the greats in someone's life and I love you for it.
Today, a man lit himself on fire at UWashington, a couple hours away from my school, and a new friend of mine saw it all.
I don't know how to vocalize all of the feelings that vivid picture gives me all at once. I feel affected by this, as if I had witnessed it myself.

If you're in a life dilemma EVER, call up your buddy, who thinks you are so AMAZING, or simply go do something you LOVE to do!!!!!!!!!!!
music anyone?
WHOEVER you are and if you feel alone,
killing yourself is so not worth the beautiful, extrordinary person YOU are.

If we're all worthy-enough people to deserve a life, there is a reason for each AND EVERY one of us being here!! And that includes YOU =)

On a side note, I must say I had a gooood day today.
At one point, I do remember showing up to a bus stop at the most PERFECT timing, right after studying my brains out, right as the bus to my street showed up (me not even knowing the bus hours.) I remember saying to some girl, "could my life BE any better right now?"
and she laughed- but ya know,
I FELT that statement right then and meant it!
yes, today was a goooood day.
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