6 Reasons I Like GTA V.

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The last entry discussing this game might have given the idea that I absolutely despise this game. Sure it can get too heavy-handed in the political satire here and there but there are actually a lot of things about this game that I love doing and tonight I am going to share them with you all.

(1) Franklin and Chop
I have dogs and I love them beyond measure. What I can tell you is that I do not trust them off the leash and they do not express any interest in playing fetch. Playing as Franklin with Chop at his side gives me the opportunity to do something I likely won't be able to do with any dog(s) I own. Play fetch at the beach. Even if I trained them to be obedient, there's no telling if they want to play fetch or not, and I'll be damned if I'm going to let them near an open body of water! I'm sorry, that's a tragedy just waiting to happen.

But in this game, I can take Chop out to the beach and play fetch. In one gameplay, I clocked in around ten or twenty minutes of Franklin playing fetch with Chop on the beach during a sunset. It was very...calming. The lapping of the sea, the cries of the seagulls and Franklin encouraging Chop with a, "Go get 'em, boy!" It was right then I understood why games can be a way for people to escape, to act out something they can't ever do in real life. Sometimes it's not acting out as a super hero charging an enemy base, sometimes it's just something as simple as taking your dog out on a beach to play ball.

(2) The Thrill of Survival
Parachutes + Being Really High In The Air = Hours of fun. I can't tell you how many times I've flown Trevor, Michael or Franklin up as high as I could get in a plane or a helicopter and jump. Sometimes I like to parachute all the way down, but the thrill? I wait until they're literally seconds away from faceplanting into the asphalt. Or I try to aim them at a specific body of water like the Alamo Bay or a swimming pool. If it's not falling from high places, I'm having them bike/run into oncoming traffic and generally putting themselves into needless peril. Let's just say that, yes, I die a lot in this game.

(3) The Car-Tank
The amount of damage cars can take in this game is absurdly hilarious. Just today I spent an hour letting my car get plowed into over and over by a train. The car was scratched, badly dented, with the front hood ripped off and the front smashed to a point, and all the windows and doors were gone. The car kept on chugging. I once drove a car off of Mount Gordo and somehow didn't die in the process even as it rolled down the mountain, smashing into every rock and tree along the way.

(4) The Missions
Yep, I actually liked some of the missions in how they were executed, or because I got to see the inner psyche of the main characters. Like that one mission where Michael and Trevor have an argument (won't spoil it for you, but it's pretty bad) or the missions with Franklin. There was a mission, I think, that made me feel like I
was actually playing Saints Row 2 and considering I'm a big fan of Saints Row, it was doing something right.

(5) The Activities

Granted I wish there were more you could do, but I did enjoy some of the things you could do. I remember having Michael play tennis with Amanda and I actually started to like the pair better than I had the whole game. When I did the same with Trevor? Amanda made me laugh when she told him that she'd move out of the house and never come back when he said he'd stay as a permanent tennis coach.

That said, I did complete a water race with Franklin once and boy, my hands were squeezing the controller as I navigated through the channels making good use of Franklin's 'driving slo-mo' ability. I'll probably do that
again as well as do some on-foot racing.

(6) Clothes

Now, this may be a bit creepy to some, but I like putting the protagonist in different clothing and buying all the clothes the game has to offer. Just like with Saints Row, if I can buy all the clothes in the game, that's what I'm doing. The only downside is that you can't save your favorite outfits. That kinda sucks. Still, I like having Michael run around in dirty jeans, a tank top, sunglasses while being bald and sporting a goatee. Instant Max Payne look-a-like.

So that's it for me, the top 6 reasons I like GTA V. See? I don't loathe the game, there are bits of it that I actually like. :D :p Now on for me to do some actual writing blogs! :p
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