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I love SUNDAYS!!
Sunday is a chance to relax while your life isn't at it's full sprint foreward.
Sunday is a precious, gift-of-a day where people are lower-maintenance.
Sundae is a dessert to which I always succumb.
The Sundae-Sunday is the name of a long race back home that I saw a girl do in a wheel chair.
Sundays are when churchy people do their churchy things, and spiritual people do their spiritual things.

On Sundays, there's time for ya to live outside of your tiny world and expand your brain in a new direction it hasn't gone yet! Sunday allows time for the error that's sometimes consequent to the trials meant to solve starving, pressing, curiosities that are sparked in MAD-CRAZY amnts.

Hence, it's the experimenting of those crazy ideas that you were forced to shelve on a busy week day that make me just LOVE SUNDAYS.


Today's Sunday was daylight savings which lengthened my lovely weekend by an hour!!

Did I mention that I LOVE SUNDAYS?
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