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It all started after waking up after an accident, with no memories, no idea who I am, and where I was, or even I didn't recognized anybody and myself as well. I still haven't gotten used to this life, for so many reasons it feels awkward and so forceful. It has being a month since then yet nobody wants to tell me about what happened. Its like they hiding something from me, something I should not find out or remember. The more they avoid the subject to it the more i want to find out. Since it hasn't being to long I know I have to rest for now and get 100% better. Once I'm fully recover I will investigate.
Two months later....
It has been three months now that I have being having the same dreams, they all repeat each other over and over again. Even though they are just dreams, something feels very familiar. They're not just dreams, they feel like my lost memories.*laughs* What am I saying "my lost memories" *smirks* ha ha ha only because I don't remember anything and since these dreams I have been having feel a part of me. They make me feel complete. Yet I should know these kind of dreams are impossible to be real. Dreams from far apart worlds, a prince with a kingdom to protect, protectors with wings, and the rest I have not yet know how to explain. I think I should start writing every dream I have.
*knocks on door*
*voice* "Is time to get ready for school"
*Gets up quickly* oh crap! I was over thinking everything again. Why does this always happens to me every-time I think about those dreams?
*Arriving at school* *Looks around*
apparently my so call best friend also my roommate, we go to the same school but for some reason we had to transfer. I was told that my family is very influential in the business and non businesses as well. even though a lot has happened I am glad I have her with me. There are times that I have blackout completely and I do stuff I don't remember but I always have her to protect me and keep me calm. There is something odd about it but I some how complete trust her with everything and anything. I have a lot of questions but the time for all the answers will come, eventually, so I am not in a hurry. Like she told me I have to get the most out of everything, there is no hurry and we have all the time of the world.
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