A Conversation

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From this morning:

[Middle-aged husband and wife are lying on their bed]

[One of the new “R&B” songs comes on the Top 40 radio program they were listening to.]

[Husband] “I’m not real keen on the direction music is going now days.”

[Wife rolls over and looks at husband]

[Husband] “It sounds like three moneys thrown in a room with some instruments.”

[Wife] “Be careful with the whole “monkey” direction.”

[Husband]” Why?”

[Wife] “These guys are black.”

[Husband] “Really, they don’t sound black. More metrosexual…. maybe Porto Rican .”

[Wife] “Nope, black.”

[Husband] “Huh, I pictured a guy in skin tight black leather pants and a pink shirt.”

[Wife] “Like Ricky Martin?”
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