A crack at the 2nd

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So you think you've made it huh? Are you some big shot tough guy now? Look at yourself, what you have become. How did we get here? How did you get here? Who's we? It's just us. Wait, there I go again, you tricked me. You lied, how could you fall for your own tricks?

You stand in front of the steam paned window, cracked with your own flaws. Amongst the damage you have brought upon yourself you see the inner you. You can relax now, no need to fret. You've been in this predicament before, haven't you?

The water was beginning to overflow the tub as you gazed into the haze. The smoke bellowed from your cigarette leaving you to choke on the air. You begin to sway, like the night you got wasted at the pub. You shout for help but no words. What's this that has taken over you?

A short time had passed, the water now spilling into the hall.

"Pull yourself together, damn you!" You thought. Trying to hold your eyes open you knew what was coming. The band still on your arm, it gives you what you want. The feel, the pain, the pleasure it's what you are.
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