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A decision about my zombie stories

Published by Domoviye in the blog Domoviye's blog. Views: 134

Hello everyone

This is the writing part of my blog. I'll be posting two types. One will be about my travels in China, the other will focus on writing.
I already have journal entries about my traveling written up, unfortunately I can't find them, so I'll start posting them up later, when I get them e-mailed back to me by my parents.

Anyways, on with the writing.
I had until recently been posting practice horror stories, for free on the net. Just to see what people thought. Most of these stories focused on zombies, which I had previously believe didn't have a large market. So I thought it didn't really matter.
I had sort of planned to just keep posting stories like that online for free, even as I moved into writing professionally. They are easy to write, and it does get my name known to a larger audience.
My more professional stories were going to focus on fantasy, sci-fi and travel stories. Those were going to be the ones I tried to sell.
However I changed my mind the other day. I was looking through various pay e-zines and magazines, and most of the ones I saw, dealt with horror in one way or another.
As I thought about this, I realized something. By putting my zombie stories, which I believe are generally good, online for free on big virtually anonymous boards like Fictionpress.com, I'm throwing money down the drain.
So I came to a decision. I'll finish the two novella's I'm currently posting onto Fictionpress, and I'll post any stories I write up for this forums writing contest. But any other work is going to be submitted to at least 6 different magazines before I even consider posting them for free.
None of them will get me big money. But this way, I can actually get experience with submitting things, before I try to submit my best selling novel. It will also allow me to get some money, $20 US will feed me very nicely for a week in China, 2 and a half if I scrimp a little. Also if I can tell agents and publishers I have actually published short stories, it will sound better then saying I'm completely unpublished.

So thats my big writing change. I'm going to keep writing horror, but I'm selling it from now on.
Now if only I can get Microsoft Word to understand English I'll be all set.

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