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A deeper look at humans

Published by Exzalia in the blog Exzalia's blog. Views: 119

Humans are creatures of earth, how ever they are the only race that can use all six kinds of aether this is because humans are very adaptable. Their the only races to be so diverse, They can live in any environment from shard blade mountain, to the northern cloud gate.
You wont find an elf with dark skin and red hair. Only humans adapt in such ways But this diversity is also a curse. Their differences is cause for endless wars and conflict, many humans don't see other humans as even members of their own kind.

This is most common among the humans of Charon their dark skin combined with red eye's and hair spark much superstition among the other races. Damirians and Lorians are especially cruel to them.

humans are also more vulnerable to disease than other life forms. On Exzalia many diseases are more magical than bacterial a familiar example in vampireisim. in this world vampires are not a separate race, they are simply cursed humans. Only humans have been seen to be affected by such ailments.

Despite this humans have still grown to be a powerful and dominant force on Exzalia spreading to every point on the known world, Accomplishing as much good as evil.
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