A good professor.

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Sometimes I dream of being a professor at my univeristy. I dream of standing behind a podium with a chalk in my hand, being enthusiastic about my material.

Sometimes I dream of being a father-figure, so to speak to struggling students, especially those who may think they fail at life or destroyed their future because of their grades. I often dream of taking them aside and saying: "Don't believe that. You didn't fail. You just explored one path, didn't work. Now go back and find another."

I think I owe it all to Mr. Hollingsworth, my Freshman composition professor. He's what I want to be if I became a professor. An eccentric, passionate man who's able to bring laughs out of the students, even if the subject itself was probably dull.

I also think it's so I can relive my childhood by drawing/writing on the board. A bit of that, maybe. ;)

I've had teachers who were downright dispictable and shouldn't have had the job, and I've had teachers that clearly were passionate about their subjects and truely cared about the students.

If I ever was a professor or in any profession that required mentoring, I'd want to make sure that if nothing else, my students could look back ten, twenty years later and still remember me. I don't think I shall ever forget Mr. Hollingsworth.

Good teachers last forever, but the bad die out almost immediatly.
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