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A Joyful Chat about Communism Amongst Other Happy Remarks

Published by turquoisia in the blog turquoisia's blog. Views: 189

Trying to write a speech about communism is harder than you think.
You've got so many ideas to explain, the concepts and restrictions, the issues involved, and a week's worth of history lessons on past and present communist societies and leaders. Even thinking about it makes my mind (and eyes) bulge and throb.

It doesn't help that I'm sick as well (if that includes having a coughing fit every five minutes or so, for two months).Writing is helping ease the stress and tension of school, and so is reading, but right now, I'm still sick and dreary-eyed so I doubt that it will be of help.

I've been feeling really creative but haven't found anything to pour out my genius-ness into. (Unfortunately.) It's kinda hard when you've been stifled up to the neck with assignments and projects from school. Bleugh.

Recently, I heard that there was a study showing that teenagers like to moan and grumble a lot. In other words, we teens complain heaps. Well, I have to say, looking at what I just wrote, I pretty much proved that true, with a wholesome 141 words, including the lovely squashed sound of a teenager being trampled by a herd of homework - 'Bleugh'. (Which probably best describes today's teenagers' attitude to everything.)

Other than complaining, I guess all I've got to say is:

(Wait for it..)

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