A just world?

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How often have I heard the line "bad things only happen to people who let it happen to them or do things to earn it"? That the world is just and only people who are stupid or bad end up with hardships or misfortune. That if you're doing well in life it's because you're a good person; while if you're hitting hardships it must be YOU who is creating the situations.

But that's bull****.

I have known people who were vicious, vindicative, cruel and sadistic and they were getting everything in life they ever wanted, or nearly so. And I've also known people who would take a bullet for a friend who are eeking out a living, having been hit with a series of unfortunate but unforeseen hardships. So where does this "just world" concept come from? Why do we believe that something when evidence is clearly to the contray?

Fear. By beliving that only bad things happen to bad people and good things only happen to good people in general the public believe they can control their fate. By acknowledging that terrible things can happen to good people and evil people can get ahead it destories their own feeling of control and by pretending that the world is just they can ignore the truth.

Life really is arbitrary at times.

But does that mean we should just throw our arms in the air and say "it's all for naught, our lives are not our own"? No. We might not have control over everything that happens we CAN control what we do with what happens. We could choose to make good of a bad situation, or capitalize on a good situation so that it helps us out during the misfortune.

Another thing: by claiming that victims are a product of their own stupidity we are bascially ignoring good people are sometimes hurt over something they had no or little control over. I'm very against victim-blaming, as it kicking someone when they're down really is the worst of creulty I can think of.

The world isn't just. It's really messed up. The good guys get beaten down and the bad guys get rich...but in the end that's no reason to give up. We can't control our circumstances but we can control our reaction to them.

The world isn't just, but you can make your part of the world as just as you can.
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