A Letter Of Motivation

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This is the letter I sent when I last applied for a job:

Cover Letter
Dear Sir or Madam,

My relevant experience gives me the high spirits to apply for the position of a teacher at your company.

It enriches my enthusiasm in working with people in an original, expressive, creative manner.

It could sound immodest but I am an alumnus of some of the best schools in the country. I have graduated English philology at the University of Plovdiv, with an excellent mark on the Practical English exam. I love to talk to people about their problems and I am quite able to propose solutions as I read self-help literature extensively. This is why, I am also interested in your psychological courses for Anti-stress education, but in this aspect, I am solely an enthusiastic amateur. I am currently working on a website, and a book named: “How To Survive Romance” which is all about relationship advice, so I have delved deeply into the field and have the self-esteem to support enamored people. I also paint (go to art classes), dance (go dancing salsa), write (articles), create websites, powerpoint presentations, slideshows, cards and that’s not all.

I am polite and easy to work with. I conform with the specified time limits and I guarantee timely communication. I am a precise person and work with me is an absolute pleasure. I hope I will be considered for the position.

Lady Fickle


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