A liberal with a gun!

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I find it funny how people assume I am a liberal because of my easy going all for man spirit... does that say more about me or them I wonder. Anyway I am the boring kind of liberal if I am one at all. I normally keep my political views to myself and just assume everyone who thinks giving more money to the rich is an idiot, not a republican like my wife thinks. Though i wont deny I would happily support there decisions if ever I become rich. Anyway I do like to spice it up from time to time. My favorite thing is to talk to my wife's liberal friends about the guns we own. They get absolutely blown away and concerned for my wife's safety, living with a man who owns all those dangerous weapons.

I mean how could one possibly be safe with two handguns three shotguns an ar-15 rifle and two hunting rifles in the house. This is part i love about this little rant though. My wife is an avid liberal, shes all #feelthebern and down with trump. Ra ra ra women's rights pro life ect ect ect. Now I am too just not vocal about all of it. My wife and I are even very avid fans of better gun regulations. Comparatively though my wife and I are two different levels of Liberal activism... I am all like the guy who leaves the religious pamphlets in the big box store bathrooms, and my wife is all like fox news huge about it.

See though the best part is, whenever our friends get this way about her being forced to live with a man who owns so many guns she looks them dead in the eye and goes... HE only owns a handgun... the rest are mine.

I have no clue why i posted that but i felt the need to write it down somewhere.
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