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Long ago, back in the Christmas holidays, I posted a little poem called "I Love Math" when discussing the proper use of irony.

Well...ironically I have now come to respect the very thing I use to scorn and detest.

When I leave PreCal and math forever, it'll be as friends, not enemies.

Math has taught me something. Sure no one will stop me on the road years from now and ask me to help them compute the total area of a football field, but it's taught me how to think logically, critically, step-by-step.

Math, as my grandpa and Cogito told me, is like a language. Once you crack the code, it all starts to make sense.

Well, Gramps and Cogito, I never believed it. I honestly thought you two were just fooling with me, insane even. But the both of ya were right. It is a language, so to speak. A language of numbers and formulas. It's actually pretty fun!

Though I won't be taking Calculus. :p
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