A montage: Constructing the nursery.

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I didn't want to just have the nursery pop up. Thus I decided to show it being built. That would establish the presence of the cameras as well as the jets of anesthetic to put them to sleep if they try to escape.

Perhap more importantly, it shows that the room is well hidden and completely soundproof Even if anyone searching for them does suspect Jessica, it'll be hard to rescue them if they can't find their prison.

Not that anyone is going to be looking for them.

Would appreciate any comments.

A beautiful, sprawling estate up in the Colorado mountains. Situated among the towering pines, a fabulous mansion stands out against the lush foliage.

A limousine pull up to the gate. After a second the gate opens and the car pulls in.


-- A roughly 16' x 16' room. The walls are block with 2" x 6" studs framing to mount drywall or panelling to the walls and ceiling. The door opens and three WORKMEN enter.

-- The Workmen press thick blankets of insulation between the studs on the walls. The ceiling has already been insulated. The brand name on the insulation reads "Sound Barrier."

-- Two of the Workmen position a panel into place against the wall. It is covered with thick gold satin button-tufted padding. The third Workman fiddles with wires that hang from a "button" in the now padded ceiling.

-- Bloc opens the door to the room a few inches. Instantly there is the loud sound of hard rock music. He closes the door and music stops. Bloc opens. The room has been completely lined the gold padding. A boombox on the floor blares out the music ear shattering music. The three Workmen inside wear protective head phones. Bloc walks over to the radio and turns it off. The music stops. Bloc smiles at the Workmen.

-- A copper tube slides out a few inches from one of the "buttons" on the wall. It quickly retracts to blend in with the "button." A few feet away, a second nozzle is positioned.

-- The Workmen carry in beds. Two MAIDS put a gold satin sheet on a king-sized beds in already in the room.

- From another room, Jessica watches the maids through the cameras hidden in the "buttons" on the ceiling. One monitor shows a wide angle view of the room. Four other screens focus on the individual beds. Next to her is a sizable tank of anesthetic gas.

-- A maid fluff and adjusts the golden pillows on one of the beds. A "button" with a concealed gas nozzle is centered behind the pilllows.

-- The Maids install hospital styled restraints on one of the beds.

-- Jessica proudly admires the finished, gold-lined room. She smiles as she gently runs her hand over one of the pillows. She finally goes to the door.

-- The door closes behind her as she leaves. Instantly a panel and a display case slides into place to conceal the door.

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