A morning in cyber fibro land

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You get up in the morning.
Cup of coffee in hand,
you go to the computer,
It's our lifeline you understand.

We check up on each other,
It is easy to do.
One click and read then
on to another.

We find that a friend,
Is really under the weather.
What! They ask can I do,
for this pain?

We usually try to be helpful
and cheery.
But oh! Some mornings our
own life is much the same.

So we skip on the answer
hoping someone else will
Be able to help this friend
we all know so well.

Then the cry for help
slips down the page.
This doesn't happen often
But there it is again.

Only one or two are able to give
the support, if not answers
to our friend's cry of pain.

It is not that we ignore it
this cry for help.
It is just that right now,
we are hitting rock bottom ourselves.

So friends please do not judge us
by the number of replies.
We are simply reading and hoping
that someone can help.

Lynda Clarke
11/14/02 06:49 PM
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