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What do you think about novels regarding deities? I wanted to create a new twist to them, not just the fact that, "They're there Just Because." Basically, there are two children from the Creator deity. Kaorii, the shadow goddess and Vyce, the purity god. I wasn't sure to make a neutral god or not, so I decided that the Creator makes sure everything is fair in the making, and that his children play fair.

Each book is one greater deity trying to top their sibling. An example would be in one book, the disease god comes to be. The next book would be how the god of truth comes into existence. In simpler terms, Kaorii would say, "Look, my child can create diseases with one breath." Then Vyce counters with, "You think you're so smart, don't you, Sister? Well, I've created a child of light." And so on and so forth.

Each deity has a symbol and a spirit ward. There are no "Chosen Ones" in this series. The people are random. Everyone comes across a certain obstacle, and some type of object that invokes the spirit ward. After completing a certain quest, they rank in the world of Genesy--the realm of gods.

If you're confused on the subject of this, then let me introduce the first book idea of the series.
In the first book, the greater deitys' powers mix into one object. A necklace. Kammie gets this necklace on her birthday, and after watching the moon for a few minutes, the moon's beams hitting the necklace invokes the spirit wards. Two wolves--one light and one dark suddenly appear in front of her. After their disappearance, Kammie tries to forget about them, but can't. She dreams of them and they explain themselves to a certain extent. Her quest is to stop a greater spirit from devouring the souls of anything it comes across.

What'cha think of it? :rolleyes:
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