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Have you ever wondered why people are promoting moralism so much these days? It disgusts me. No satire intended.

We hear all the time that we should think of others first, and smile at everyone, and be tolerant of everything. We hear that true contentment does not come from personal endeavors like finding easy ways to adorn our pockets with currency, or looking "beautiful," but rather comes from constantly being a moralized person.

To an extent, sure. I agree that having money is not the key to contentment, nor is standardized pulchritude. That philosophy also seems to be entwined with this fact: When someone realizes that something is wrong with their outward appearance, or their personality, they tend to over-react, and put their entire lives into re-consideration.

Notice how I say some people. Keep in mind that it's impossible to pin-point one integrated sociological idea for everyone.

Anyway, over-reacting, or trying to "fix yourself" is not a very effective solution to finding contentment in life.

You probably think that I'm getting at this point: being moralized and putting everyone first is also not a very effective solution to finding contentment in life. I don't believe this. Being socially moralized is probably the best way to find contentment.

But do I want that? Do I want to go through life putting others first?

Answer: no.

Will being totally self-centered bring me happiness in life?

Answer: no.

Do I really want to go through life being content?

Answer: no.

I want to go through life being myself. Is a moralized and mannered person me? No it is not.

Today I got dirty looks for not helping an old woman across the street. That was humorous.

By the way, if you've gotten thus far in my literature, I would like to cordially inform you that there is no "common theme" or conclusion to this. And I will now close with this sentiment:

70 days until Guy Fawkes Day! and...
34.5 hours until Bird Lady's Class!
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