A pill to make you straight

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So someone here posted a thread about a pill to make you straight and how they would not take it.

It's so helpful sometimes to get a reality check. Some perspective.

It's been a while since I rode my bicycle outside for any length of time, but I have had some incredible experiences of bigoted outrage aimed at me. Why? Because I am riding a bike.

Here's an example of what it looks like:

I also think that the racial prejudice and slavery, particularly in America, is close enough in our history to see a similar experience for the African American living in that situation.

I boarded with a charismatic pentecostal church-going family whose son (my age) got married and had 2 kids before coming out.

My Mum's best friend's son, also my age, was a friend at school for a few years and he came out quite a while ago.

When I was coaching a group of cyclists I had more than 50% homosexual (gay / lesbian) riders in the group.

In all 3 cases, they are just people to me. I think gays are great - leaves more women for me (!?). Dunno what the fuss is about, really. I care for all these people (above) the same way I care about anyone in my life. I see their potential and their abilities, and believe in them.

Despite all these gay people in my life, I think being able to empathise, or be aware of their struggle on an ongoing basis, is easy to forget. We have our own struggles, work, incompetent team members, health, desire for a more fulfilling life, a girlfriend. But there's no issue at all if I seek out a woman, pursue or display interest. Well apart from the fact a significant number of female cyclists are lesbian, but on the whole, I will receive no bigotry or stigma for doing the heteronormal thing.

I want to reply to that thread. Salute the poster, as a fellow combatant in this world. But respectfully stay silent.

I have hope for the human race.
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