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A slight miscalculation

Published by spklvr in the blog spklvr's blog. Views: 95

I wrote a pretty detailed 3-page plot outline of the first chapter of my story. Then I started writing it. Spent several weeks on it, not really thinking about the fact that I wrote several pages pretty much every day. Then I finally finished, never having thought about how long it was. It was 60 000 words... the first chapter. The chapter I thought would be the shortest of them all. And I haven't even written a word of description. There is this one scene, have no clue where they are supposed to be. Anyway, I can easily get it up to 80 000 words, probably more (thought it was too fast paced anyway) so I'm guessing this will be the first book of a series rather than a chapter. Wonder how that happened....

How do people feel about a chapterless book btw? Because it was meant to be a single chapter, I'm having problems figuring out how to split it up. It has a lot of natural breaks because I put the date and location before every time switch, so maybe it doesn't need any... we'll see.
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