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A song I wrote awhile back

Published by thefreshman in the blog thefreshman's blog. Views: 77

With your smell on my pillows
With your clothes on the floor
You got a smile on you lips
You know I adore
The what you know exactly
What I'm gunna do
Before I even think it!
Before I even think it (sustain note)

The sounds we made
When we know we're on top of the world
The way we take
Everything for granted
The way I love you (sustain)
(And I know you love me too)

The smell is in my sheets
But your clothes are all gone
I got a tear in my eye
Because of this song
It makes me think of
The good times that we shared
'Cause I still remember
'Cause I still remember (sustain)

Chorus 2
The sound we made
Whne we were on top of the world
The way we took
Everything for granted
The way I still love you (sustain)
(And I hope you love me too)

Repeat Chorus 2
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