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A story told by a road part-ii

Published by panchal in the blog panchal's blog. Views: 121

Hello All,

Remember me..I m road who started telling you a story yesterday..I hope m not late to start again..Yesterday we read two stories..Today I am in full mood of Romance and silence of Romance..But the only thing is that being a Road i can not show my feelings..:)...Hey but you know you all human beings are gifted by god..You all can not even say those beautiful words but even express that...

"Hey, Angel..Will see u tomorrow in college..bye sweetheart" said a young boy who has just dropped his sexy girlfriend at one side of me..The girl then went off seeing off his new boyfriend..Well now don't ask me how do i know that the young boy who dropped her is her new boyfriend??..See i told you all??..I knew you'll ask me that..I know that because the boy is the same who comes everyday here to drop some or the other girl and the girls change at back seat but the boy does not...hah..and here comes that lovely couple..who made their love bonded with something which people of now a days don't do..You know what...This lovely couple used to come everyday at this bus stop..used to smile at each other..days passed and the smiles changed in a conversation...and again days passed and this conversation changed into love hiding in their eyes...and i saw them everyday and noticed them that they speak less and understand more..Then i don't know what may have happened but from so many days they came but did not even talk to each other..but used to see each other...some sweet fight or may be some serious stuff..The days were passing like vehicles on me..and one day the same scenario was taking place..and suddenly the boy went to the girl and said less but made her his soul.."Let us give a second chance..My days without you is like I am living without myself"..The girl said nothing and just held his hand..can u imagine they're still together..and the Boy with the bike is still there..May god find a love for him..

Oh..wait...God see how unlucky is to become a non-living thing..people spit,throw waste.. dirty water on me..But hey you all beautiful people out there. you all are lucky ones but I m still lucky to know these untold stories..well now I have to go now for some days..you know government is repairing me.. Hurray..

Will continue after some days now and you'll see me shining till people keep me..
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