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A story told by a road part-iii

Published by panchal in the blog panchal's blog. Views: 176

Helloooo Friends..

I am back now.. And good news is I’ve got repaired and shining now.. The masons involved in this have done a good work on me.. But I don’t know what material they must have used.. I am not much aware of the building material products.. and I am also unaware of this tax system and inflation in the country..How will I know I’m a road and I don’t have to pay.
How strange and serious is the matter of inflation and tax system?? But who dares to speak that.. Now I’m mixing two stories here.. Readers please read carefully.. A tea vendor stands on right side of me.. One day two middle class looked men came there for tea.. One said ”How good if the tax limitation reaches the salary of 3 lacs? ”Second said ”How to hope now in this independent India? ”..I was thinking.. what they were saying.. people have fought for the independence and what they have got..? They have got ‘no hopes’? One said very interesting thing “Let us tell this ministers to stay with our income and in our house for a month. Then they’ll come to know.. how we live with this”.

Here on the other side. There is a Tree where two masons were resting.. the masons are smoking bidi-the desi cigarette(lols)..and they are listening to these two men.. They’re smiling.. and here One mason said ”This middle class people are saying this when they work in a good office and have a fair enough income but what about people like us?.. If these ministers will be told to live on daily income like us and live in the slum areas.. then they’ll come to know what’s inflation and how this ghost of inflation scares us 24*7 a day….”

Now those are questions about what I can’t even think of. So I don’t have conclusion for that.. Being a road what can I do for them? even when I’m not able to do anything for myself…A beautiful sexy girl is now passing through the road.. and now the masons and the middle class men both forget their topics and are just admiring the girl.. See.. There’s nothing common in them but the feelings for the beauty which god has created named WOMAN.. are the same.. Hah.. Sometimes I think to go and look after a girl for me.. but I can’t even move guys. If I move then people will be startled.. ”ITS AN EARTHQUAKE ”..and again they will start blaming the MOTHER EARTH…for the quakes..

Please leave me alone for some time now.. IF I can’t romance a girl road then let me at least think about a beautiful ,clean, shining, broad and the most blackish female road.. Hey!! happy belated Valentine’s guys..Will see you next after some days..with a new story..
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