A Stream of Consciousness

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This was just something I thought up in my head a few minutes ago. It's just a monologue, nothing important. :)

"They say, that's how it began. The end of everything. The veils of secrecy were falling down. The world was patting itself on the back.
'It's all over,' They would say, 'All the secrets are gone now.'
'Knowledge is power.'
That's what we told ourselves, as we finally looked inward; tried to find our souls in the mixed-up tangle of irrelevance.
We found it. And what did it bring? Pain. Confusion.
The flames tore the world apart, rushing and tumbling over the little people. The Fire of Knowledge blackened their hearts, removing what little hope they had clutched onto. Everyone knew. They could see it. Hear it. Feel it.
Some tried to fight it with ignorance, shutting out the truth, the awful truth. But it was all futile.
We thought it would work, that people would just accept it and move on.
'Knowledge is power.'
A new movement began, paving over the old ways. They thought... we thought, that people would love each other.
Be happy.
It never happened. The great 'love' died away. Because people thought that to love was to be... happy. But no-one understood. To be happy was to feel better than everyone else. To have people you could torture, destroy, annihilate.
The truth was, the happiest people in this world were the killers. Those who had truly felt power, in its most raw form.
That's why it would never work. To be happy was to kill.
'Knowledge is power.'
One by one, the world began to scream.
They screamed for more. For change. Anything except the happiness. No more happy. Ever.

They say, that's how Hell arrived.

How it bled into humanity's soul and stuck fast.

How it forced its way into the minds and hearts of a doubtful population.

Into open arms."

I don't know where that came from, but I like it. :D
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