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A Tavern's Story: The Angry Dinosaur

Published by Seraph751 in the blog Seraph751's blog. Views: 130

*** Quick note, Reality2Fantasy is my name for my website :)


How did you pick the name?
Reality2Fantasy: If I ever owned a tavern it would be called, The Angry Dinosaur. Taverns are for begruding miseries, good-ole bar fights, and drunken merry-making (your happy till ya sober up). Which basically covers my relationship with my writing.
Interviewer: Do you own a pet dinosaur?
Reality2Fantasy: Yes, yes I do. I have a mini T-Rex. His name is Icarus aka Icky. *Points over at the sleeping t-rex behind the bar.*
Interviewer: Why Icarus? Isn't that name of some dude who used a man-made set of wax wings to fly and failed miserably due to the wax melting when he got to close to the sun?
Reality2Fantasy: Ah yes, the failures of man and the inability to think shit through..... Yes yes my Icky is named after that Icarus. Only, other people fail to fly out of the tavern when they try to renege on their tabs, unwilling to pay for damages, or harass others. Generally Icky is good about not making messes in the tavern, but there may have been a slip-up once or twice. *Shrugs nonchalantly* Rules folks! Everybody gets a telling of the rules if you can't abide well then Icky says thank you for the food. *Pats Icky on his adorable head*
Interviewer: *Slowly backs away*
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