A toast for all the lazy bums!

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Hi guys!

So what´s new today? Not much I would say, probably just the fact that now time is catching up to me and punishing me for not doing anything in these past days. I have this project I desperately "need" to finish. It´s a story for a girl that paid for it, with drawings and sketches included.

If you are wondering why would she ask a newbie like me to write something, its mostly because I tend to keep my writings interesting, I may not be too bright in the grammar department but I sure love to give a little twist here and there and keep the reader glued. Oh and also, well I do draw and paint and it has to count for something, right?:p

Anyways, I don´t really have writer´s block, its just that im lazy! Lazy as hell!:eek: And I just want to lie down and watch the rain and probably hope for another day off at school.

So yeah, story of my life. Hope everything is well for you people :D

[​IMG] - Me but without the beer! I don´t like alcohol unless its a margarita;)
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