A weird sci-fi idea...

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Basically, Dragon Ball Z meets Star Trek mixed with Medieval Fantasy stuff. You have...

#1- Humans that can fly thanks to built-in jetpacks in special suits. Powered by solar energy and backed up by nuclear (a low-keyed nuclear) batteries. They can activate this by a push of a button on the breastplate (Kinda like how Buzz Lightyear can activate his 'wings' in the Toy Story movies.)

#2- Humans fighting with guns, swords (not laser swords, mind you. Actual metal swords), and other weaponry. Oh, and they're able to shoot blasts from special gauntlets. Oh, and there is magic involved...somehow.

#3- Set in a steampunk Victorian-style world with aliens. (It's not our Earth, but an Earth-like planet in a fictional galaxy in the year 2941 AD. Earth had long been destroyed, with only a few million survivors who managed to flee. These humans are descended from those survivors.)

A weird idea, yeah, but I felt like putting it in my blog. What do you think of it?
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