A writer with high hopes

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While I am new to writing forums, I am not new to the written word, or the desire to put my thoughts on paper. I have been writing on and off for over ten years, and with multiple projects to choose, I have written my first novel in the fantasy genre. At current, it is under intense scrutiny and severe rewrites with ambitions to eventually see it submitted to a professional editor, and eventually a publisher.

The only real step I took to make the first part of my goal, finishing the book, was to sit down and make time for it. If I can play a video game, I have time to write.

The only thing holding me back from starting my second novel is the revisions of the first, and another project that's been on the back burner for several years, an erotic horror novel set in the bronze age, long before gunpowder.

When its time, and I have the options to do so, I will post the links to my first three chapters of my fantasy novel and see what the general consensus is. I need critiques, and I need genuine opinions of the people who read this type of book. Hopefully, I've found the site that will offer that.
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