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A writing exercise

Published by Kacoshi Ajewl in the blog Kacoshi Ajewl's blog. Views: 66

Well I have been in a writers block due to some conflicting emotions in my life and writing in general. sooo...I am going to take the advice of many writers and just write through it. This is one of my many little writing exercises.

Kaco: so does anyone have something to say?

Keran: What do you want?

Kaco:...well to talk...I was hoping for shango but, whatever.

Keran: oh ^.^ I'll talk to yeah!

Kaco:...Spaze...really you change emotions so quickly Keran.

Keran: SOOOOOO....

Kaco: So...it's wired...

Keran: no as wired as you talking to your characters...you might as well go to a mental institution.

Kaco: shows what you know...

Keran: ohh I hit a nerve hehe

Kaco: Keran please behave yourself...


Kaco: Ugh...get me Shango for the love of god.

Keran: get him yourself...

Kaco: Fine...Shango-sama!

Keran: Nya!


Kaco: I wanted to talk.

Shango:...I see

Kaco: fine I'll leave you alone to god!

Shango: no...it's fine.

Kaco: really! your not going to be mean to me like keran is!

Shango:...She is an idiot...

Keran: HEY! I resemble that!

Kaco: I know you do!

Shango: you made my point for me....

Kaco: ok I better stop talking see yeah ^.^

Keran: whatever....

Shango: I see...I hope to see you again Kaco-chan

Kaco: hehe bye!
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