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A Year in the Life

Published by Daggers in the blog Daggers's blog. Views: 55

A Year in the Life
Of one of my Previous Blogging Attempts

I've blogged in the past but usually not for very long. Here is my experience of previous failed attempts at it.

Week 1 : Daily posting, often more than once or twice per day. Yay for blogging!

Week 2 : Post every day or 2, It's still fresh new and exciting you know, and sometimes the week 1 honeymoon creativity carries over.

Week 3 : 1 or 2 posts, hmm, it appears the novelty factor is wearing off a bit.

Week 4 : 1 post or none, yes yes, I've forgotten about you Mr. Blog

Week 5 : Emptiness...in my experience

Week 6
: 1 post, an apology to what is likely to be absolutely nobody anyway, for not posting in "a while" and a promise to post again soon.

Week 7 : More apologies and excuses of being "super busy" with life.

Week 8 : R.I.P. Mr Blog

Week 20 : "Hey guys! I'm back, been super swamped with life the past few months but I want to get back into the swing of things so stay tuned for updates!"

Week 52 : Still waiting
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