Aaaahhhh, I want to run for the hills! But I can't...

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I don't know how it happened, but I'm blaming whomever it was that pestered :)p) me into joing my first RPG. Now I'm not only addicted to RPGs, but I m being stalked by Chrys.

I cannot escape her for some odd reason:confused: She currently has three "embodiments":
Chrystine Waters/Diane Katerina Krolita (Phoenix)
Diane Chrystine Krolita (Vyle Comando)
and, Chryssy Katera/ Chrystine Borden (Highlander Crwon of Thorns)

I cannot get away! I want to charge up a hill and fall in a hole, and avoid her, but she'd be there with me:eek:

Maybe she wants her own storyline? But I don't know how to give her one, or where to start even. I am afraid. My imagination has gotten away from me and decided to follow me around, plaguing me with its presence.

Is there a drug for this:confused: Maybe I'm a wee bit wonky, I don't know, but I want to run for the hills... If only I could:(
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