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Published by Normal in the blog Normal's blog. Views: 82

So I haven't been around for a very long time, long enough for me to feel that writing was just a "phase" or something that I needed to get out of my system so to speak.

But I feel that to become a writer (even an amateur one) that you should read, and I looked at my reading materials past and present. I wasn't pleased, its not that I was reading absolute trash but these weren't the type of books that you would expect to find in a budding authors collection.

Now to say that I am a budding writer may be giving myself to much credit, I manage to write for 2 of my personal blogs (not that it is some great feat) and I have only been brave enough to have my work rejected once.

So now I think I have every Palahniuk book (I only need a few to complete the collection) among some other interesting titles.

For one I have a book called "Under the Black Flag" as you can Imagine its about pirates and for some reason they have always fascinated me, I always felt that the pirate life was over- romanticized and I wanted to get a deeper feel for how they operated. The book was ok, and I learned quite a few things about pirates and the most infamous ones, but it lead me to another book. Treasure Island. I remember having the book read to me as a child, and being a child I think I failed to absorb what was going on, I can hardly remember the main characters or the plot.

I am still reading the book as we speak and I managed to find a copy that was the old cloth bound style, I really appreciate this style mind you.

So what is the point of this blog post you may ask? Nothing...well not exactly, my point being is that I am now 29, when did I stop being a boy? I still enjoy doing boyish things mind you. I still jump in the pool, eat PB&J, whine when I have to do chores and I will avoid cleaning my room to no end! I think this brings me back to my initial point, I wrote because I am still a boy at heart. I still want to dream of wondrous events and places. I want to try to envision the impossible still. But more importantly I still have my wits about me, and one day I may not be so "put together" I may want to be able to look back on my youth and say "these are the words I wrote and I am proud" my children will read them and hopefully be able to get a sense of what my life was about.

Well I think I have rattled on for long enough and if you have read this then I thank you and I promise to make a concerted effort to be here and read more great amateur material.
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