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I've been away from the forum for a while, and I shouldn't have been. I let one negative interaction with a member get to me, and I shouldn't have done that either. It's far too easy to let interactions with people color how you see yourself in a place, and how you share with everyone else there, and that's not ok. But I've realized the error of my ways and am back.

In keeping with the entry theme, I actually wanted to talk about what I've done lately to foster my writing, and how not being around the forum has affected my productivity for the better or worse.

First, I've kept up with my regular writing group, and we've taken steps to make it more successful for everyone involved, which I'm extremely excited about. I hope the group will become a thing that sticks around for the people in the community even if the rest of us are no longer there.

Second, I've reached out to other writers from a larger area. I've been lucky to receive a good bit of advice from people who've been stuck where I am, and I hope to be able to implement it moving forward. Because that's after all what I want, to be able to move forward with my writing.

Third, I took a mini (4 day) vacation. I took my sister (who also writes) and several other ladies on a weekend getaway into the New Mexico mountains. It was sorely needed and gave me the opportunity to foster my creativity in a way that I can't do at home. Plus we got to workshop a bit which is always great! Mostly, the mountains were healing for me, and already I find myself missing the mist blanketing the trees, and all the rain. I think I'd be happy to live there, and I'm not saying that just because I like to visit the area, but because some parts of Texas are like living in hell, and are soul-sapping.

Anyway, I could ramble on forever, and that's not really what anyone here is interested in. What activities have you partaken in to help bolster your writing?
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