Addressed to Someone I need to Get This Off

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Addressed to someone,

I admire you.
I thought you were a nice person who didn't judge me. Who understood me, and who would protect me.
I thought you were a person who was a friend and someone who was kind and respectful.
I thought you were someone to count on, but you were not. I heard about your secrets and you tried to deny them to me. I heard the malice in your voice that day. And now I no longer admire you. I want you to know someone that I was very hurt that day, when I realized you never cared the way I did for you. And to the addressed someone. I know you won't, but these questions still exist.
Why pretend to be my friend if you never believed in me?

Why did you even acknowledge me if you didn't like me?

Why do you hate me?

And questions to myself

Why did I even admire you?
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