The Blood Countess Jun 1, 2012
This reminds me of an argument I was having with some anonymous racist on Youtube. He said, and I quote, "[the natives] are not human because of how they choose to live." Despite the obvious misuse of the word "human", this person was trying hard to make a group of people look inferior to himself. If anything, the people who lack our technology and government are far more in-tune to their human instincts(more "humanly").

Pricks have been trying to prove the "superior race" theory for centuries, and it always manages to nab some sort of following. I think evolution is interesting, but as far as Charles Darwin....Yeah, he can go sleep in the dung heap. My ancestry is mainly Irish and, from what I see in my lineage, we're no more uncivilized than any other major culture.

A fair warning! If you are anti-racist, avoid cultural videos on YouTube. The comments are crawling with racists. >:O Crawling I say!