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advice/new head needed

Published by Rawne in the blog Rawne's blog. Views: 68


I'm not doing very well at being a writer. I've not written anything for months. I've got so many issues attached to writing, now, that I can't even start anything. Yup, a real muddle.

"Why do you want to write?"

Well, at the core of it, I like making things. I like the idea of constructing a world -- hence the interest in SF. Should have been an architect, I think. Characters? Not so hot on that. Plot? ummm, it all seems to be trite and pre-defined. But the building part feels good. Until I try to put it on paper.

So many fears. So much mental politics. I really am in a bit of a muddle. I easily walk away from writing when my life's good. When it starts flopping I come back. Life's pretty sweet at the moment, but I'm not really finding any substance to the day. That's why I'm back.

Probably wander off again soon.

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