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Published by Eaveah Tail in the blog Eaveah Tail's blog. Views: 193

She just stood there. Breathless. There was a small part of her that was fighting against the total paralysis that held her rooted, but it wasn't strong enough. She felt the warm tears on her face only after they started trickling down her face, the pain felt unreal, like somehow it was something alien squirming inside of her, but at the same time it was integral to her. So much a part of her it was in her core. It was agony, absolute and unequivocal. By any logic it should have torn her apart right there, ripped her to shreds. But it didn't. it was just there and wasn't going away. The small part of her that was still fighting roared pathetically in defiance, Anxiety sneered, completely aware that he was in full control. Lachlan scrunched her eyes closed, making small wrinkles around her eyes, her forehead frowning deeply. She had gotten wrinkles there from the amount of time she spent tensing her brows in thought. The part of her that was fighting was weakening and Anxiety knew it. He tightened his grip and Lachlan found herself falling over into her bed, her breathing erratic, her whole body spasming, the tears going from a trickle to a waterfall. She heard a low keening and realised the sound was coming from her. Somehow, impossibly the pain doubled and time disappeared. She wasn't just crying, she was howling. Her nose clogging up from the strain adding to the breathing difficulty. And then, after what felt like a millenia the pain loosened. Anxiety sneered at her again. "That's what you get." he shrugged as if it was out of his control, giving her a last wink he pulled down his yellow fedora, the red feather gracefully bouncing in the black bound, he turned to walk away. The last thing she saw was the flip of a coin with her face on it, the gentle wooshing as it fell through the air and landed in his palm, the slight derisive chuckle and a whisper of "See you soon." as his black and white shoes made a clicking noise as it hit the cobblestones. Lachlan opens her eyes and takes a long shuddering breath. It was over for now. She didn't have the strenght to move. Her mouth felt dry but there wasn't anything she could do about it right now. She felt cold and exhausted. Her tired eyes closed again and she fell into restless sleep.

(Clumsily written and likely a lot of typos.)
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