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Ahoy, I'm a spaceship!

Published by ClusterChuck in the blog ClusterChuck's blog. Views: 69

Not really, but I am new here. I was looking for a place to hone my craft and meet some talented people. Well, until I find that place I thought I'd see what this community has to offer. Love the gated arrangments on the way; though the guard was rather curt in conducting the usuals with my papers.

Isn't it great that in a world where starting over in a new state, country, or even town can be such a pain, you still have the internet to bring people together. By the way, no you can't use my pool.

Anyway I'll try and be as much of an asset here as I can.

I should warn you up front about two things. Yes i have pets. And yes I sometimes start a sentence with and. It's a pacing tic.
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