Alice's and the sidewalks in LA

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Alice is watching where she walks on the sidewalk as it is very likely she may mess up and fall for a number of good reasons. One she is somewhat blind, then there is the state of the crumbling and warped concrete tilted slabs of the sidewalk to deal with, and then the sensors in her magnetized shoes which have a way of refocusing their objective and fucking her up bad.

Life has become a bitch.

Alice has an explanation for the insanity having to do with the triangular relationship of the private security and surveillance contractors who now specializes in real estate enterprises when back in the states, who she has tangled with when they tried throwing her off her property in Venice CA and would not budge. This is one side of the syndicate triangle, the middlemen. Another side are the drug cartel thugs/ henchmen coming up from south of the border, the workers and then the last side of the triangle the cutting edge technology genius who supply the science fiction material and developments to play with, which has been funded for exploration in ways to help the troops, DARPA

The triangle formed when the three alliances made the only sense as they were the only choices. They would be the only three groups left standing after considering what it would entail making profitability from what they all like to do best, hunting people down.

The only three organization which would even consider the agenda got themselves together and formed a triangle organization, a new brotherhood a profitable enjoyable enterprise.

What we have here is three organizations who are very good at what they do, but what they do is wrong so the problem becomes an advantage when the three groups merge. coagulate.

Each group bringing to the, table advantages to having them as a partner.

First group, The private contractors working in real estate back in the states are also building contractors they hire the drug cartel thugs in the building industry there by getting them in the states legally. They are the white shirts looking sweet with rolls of cash the socially acceptable and desirable. they are the front men. Then the thugs, henchmen, gangsters are the backup and the force on the street, the enforcers, the watchers, and the operators. They do all the grub work.

Then you have DARPA who want to explore the possibilities and have no limits to what is “too far” to think about. They have on hand any number tecnologies they would like tested and are more than willing to execute the developments and exploration of technology on civilians for national security. They are the third side of the triangle. Each side dependent on the other sides to have loyalties to the other supporting sides and keep quiet.

When the three groups gathered up and considered what to do with their union it became obvious they needed a target group to work on and of course they choose intellectuals, dissidents, and free thinkers in general. People who had something they wanted to accomplish in their life time. The mission became how to stop them. Stopping people, that would be the experiment how can you prevent people from accomplishing anything By picking on a target group and persistently hammering away at them from all directions at once, working together the triangle has found it’s place in our society and has dug in.

Alice has had a long run in with the triangle as she is a resilient and a challenge to mess with. In the past her family called witches back east, but now living on the west coast for over 40 years the reputation mysteriously still lingers. This long episode Alice has been dragged into started when her mother did a favor for Mr. Ellsberg, famous for the Pentagon Papers, and dug up the local dump looking for the second set in the series. Mr Ellsberg's brother panicked when given the file of papers for safe keeping and hid them under a washing machine in the local dump. The dump was dug up by Alice's mother when Alice was in in high school. The second set not recovered by her mom. Alice thinks it was a set up, to put the family on a list, which 40 years later seems to be the case, being on a list of targeted persons.

When Alice realized that some group, organization was messing with the sidewalks and streets in Los Angeles, purposefully tearing them up and destroying them and when she realized all her personal objects had been copied in decaying degrees, falling apart at the seams, as to make trash of them, all her art now jet prints, her persian rugs, now bad acrylic copies, her antiques now made in composite materials. her cars now hack shop cheap plastic copies. That was when Alice went conveniently blind, almost at once.

The sensors and magnets in her shoes are cutting edge technologies. Fabric made with sensors to help the troops stay on course in difficult situations, sensors to control temperature and location woven into the textiles. the magnets to direct , to dictate the next footsteps, to lead from a laptop.

One of these days they will try to walk Alice into traffic, but for now she just has to be careful of the cracks.
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