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All I want

Published by Selbbin in the blog Stuff. Views: 117

This is a song I wrote. Imagine it building and building with a really energetic singer!

All I want

What do I want.
I’ll tell you what I want.

I want to sleep with a different girl, every night
I want to go to the bar and win a fight
I want to be really rich, and drive a fast car
I want to travel the world and go really far

I want a big TV, and a comfortable chair
I want more than I ask, I want more than my share
I want to see world peace but fight in a war
I want everything, and then gimme some more!

I want a really big house on top of a hill,
I want all you can eat and eat more than my fill
I want to know everything and always be right
I want to play all day and party all night!

I want beer and wine and an electric guitar
I want to be a big singer or a movie star
I want to find a needle in a stack of hay
I want to know who the fuck shot JFK!

I want big and small and in between,
To be a fairy tail king with a fairy tale queen
I want my own talk show with my own white trash,
I want to swim in a pool filled with cold hard cash

I want blind kids to see what colours are
I want guided tours around the brightest star
I want to go to the moon and play basketball
I want ants to be huge, and elephants small!

And on top of all that I want a chocolate cake,
And a jelly donut and a cheesy snake,
And a sea of waffles with syrup too!
That’s everything I want if I can’t be with you!
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