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almost there...

Published by afinemess in the blog afinemess's blog. Views: 92

Writing a novel has proven diffcult during my first year as a mom. Alas, I've found enough ways to entertain the beast, and I am closing in on the finish just before his first birthday, which was my goal. Currently, I am floating around 40k words, and the whole novel is written in order with a begining and an end, however, I've made notes, and there are six points I need to get too this week (things I either left out to chew on, or that I have come to find need to be included to make the story better) and it should put me around 70,000 comfortably. I told my husband that if I couldnt make it long enough, I wasnt going to worry, because I'd rather have a good short novel that never gets published than submitting something that meets a word count and only gains me rejection. So I am pleased that I will have something with substance to submitt and atleast try. I have started researching query letters, and guidelines for submissions, and I'm going to get my format down later this week when I am complete. So, anyway, it's going well, and I thought I should update and let everyone know I am still working hard on it when I get the chance! My little one is fighting a fever today, so I may be pressed to only writing at naps today and maybe after he goes down this evening. I'm rambling, so I'll sign off.:D
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