Am I a moron?

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Well, yes. I am.
The better question to ask would be “how much of a moron am I?”

I had no more than five hours sleep last night (because, while I was sleeping, my cat decided it would be a good idea to sit on my head and claw my face at stupid-o’clock in the morning). I am absolutely starving, as well as dehydrated. It’s bloody boiling outside in the summer sunlight and what do I decide to do? I go for a walk. While wearing a thick black jacket. With nothing to drink.

Now, to add to all my other woes, I smell bad. Really, really bad. The kind of bad that makes your nose wrinkle and your eyes water.

But, looking at the bright side, if I do die of dehydration, at least there’ll be plenty of watery-eyed people at my funeral...
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