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Amazing Achievement

Published by dnsralg in the blog dnsralg's blog. Views: 110

Last night, I finally breached 10 000 words! That's definitely a small miracle for someone with my attention span. :p It's currently my second longest piece ever!

In addition to that, my story has officially evolved completely from my original idea. I feel like this was supposed to happen - I had so many holes and unanswered questions before, but now everything is coming together. I know I'm excited because my family simply roll their eyes when I start talking about it.

Switching from crude, handwritten notes to messy, but color-coded spreadsheets helped me more than I can even convey. Also, thanks to the amazing KillianRussell, I have concrete character visualization, a brilliant writing partner, and an awesome friend.

I know I'm on the right track because I no longer lurk around the forum for hours. ;)
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